Considering the research on the importance of great photos to a property sale, it is always surprising how many photos misrepresent colors, present gloomy or uneven lighting, and have dark vignettes, smoky-looking ceilings, unnatural shadows, converging verticals and perspective distortion.  Not to mention people and animals in the shot, toilet seats open and massive amounts of clutter.  And I have even seen photos that would warrant a viewer discretion advisory!  There are entire websites dedicated to these bad MLS photos.  There are also some very entertaining websites about bad HDR, which adds new problems of low contrast, muddy colors, and an overly-processed look.

Besides the comic relief, it’s really unfortunate for the seller and the agent of listings with these terrible photos.  So put the iphone camera away!

We pay close attention to what makes a great Real Estate photo, and what the trends are in the industry.  360° virtual tours and HDR photos are not as popular as they were a few years back.   Realistic-looking photos (exposure fusion) and HD-slideshows and videos with professional editing are being used more and more by top agents.

Next time you are on MLS and you see a terrible photo, feel free to send it to us – we love collecting photos that are just plain travesties of Real Estate photography.  They make us look good, and they’re always great for a laugh!