Photoshop, but we don’t always say yes. Photoshop can be a beautiful thing and it can be misused, just like any technology.  Our philosophy of Photoshop is to recover the sense of what it was like to physically be in the environment.  Most people assume that the camera sees what they see.  In reality, camera technology is far from the complex processing of the human eye.  In fact it is not even close.  So basically, the more we understand the limitations of how the camera sees the world compared to how we see the world, the more we can appreciate the use of technologies, like Photoshop, that can be used to help us make the photo look more like it did to the eye.

There is no form of image capture that can duplicate the experience of the eye transmitting visual data through the myriad of filters present in the human brain before presenting the subjective result to consciousness.  We believe in ethical photo manipulation; we never use Photoshop to exaggerate, mislead, or “materially misrepresent” a listing. Rather, we use it to make up for where the camera lacked in comparison to the human eye. The majority of our post-processing involves straightening, removing photographer-induced shadows/flash reflections and correcting color, exposure and distortion to more accurately show what it looked like in person.  The only things we ever add or remove from a photo with Photoshop are those that are non-permanent (like adding a blue sky).  We are grateful to have incredible technologies like Photoshop, but we believe in using them to make a photo more (not less) truthful.  We have an ethical obligation to the viewer and we take that seriously.

Every room can look bigger or smaller depending on how the photographer shoots it.  We know exactly where to stand to make the room look as big as possible without being misleading.  Being truthful in our photography is important to us.   As much as we want buyers to be excited to view a house in person, the last thing you want is for a buyer to be disappointed when they arrive.  The most common feedback we get is that our photos are beautiful while still being true to the space.  Every time hear this, we know we have done our job right.